Business Profile

The mission of A2 International Co., Ltd. is to arrange and export Japanese electric power infrastructure maintenance technology to solve electric power distribution problems of various countries around the world.

The product lines of Japanese electric power article production manufacturers support the Japanese electric power distribution quality of the highest standard in the world.

As a foundation of improving quality of life and economic development, electricity supply must be safe and stable.
With our infrastructure construction and maintenance we can dramatically reduce electricity loss ratio and improve electric bill collection ratios.

A2 International Co.,Ltd. represents Japan as a specialized export substitution business firm, and takes this responsibility sincerely to ensure accomplishment in our business.






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Business Model

A2インターナショナル 事業内容
Quality Terms (品質条件)
Sale by Specification (仕様書売買)
Trade Terms (貿易条件)
CIP (輸送費保険料込条件)
Payment Terms (支払条件)
Lump-sum Remittance (一括送金)
Letter of Credit At Sight (一覧払信用状)